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Unilog Pro

M&M offers a range of Unilog Pro landscaping timbers, these are manufactured from specially selected pine timbers and are perfect for a diverse range of landscaping applications.

Using landscape timbers you can create:
  • Earth retaining walls
  • Palisading
  • Raised flower beds
  • Border edging
  • Pathways and steps
  • Ornate bridges
  • Playground amenity projects.

Machine rounded Unilog Pro landscape timbers are perfect for creating innovative landscaping features for gardens, leisure facilities such as holiday centres, theme parks and golf clubs and a range of commercial applications. Using timber in this way provides a natural, sustainable, flexible and cost effective method of landscaping for all types of projects.

Range of sizes and grades

Our timbers are available in a range of sizes and material grades to meet a variety of retaining applications. When used in accordance with our TRADA (Timber Research And Development Association) installation recommendations these landscaping timbers will provide years of service. Available with a 15 or 30 years desired service life warranty. All grades of timber are treated in accordance with British standard BS8417.

Engineered for long life

It is important when using timber for retaining walls, that the structure is fit for purpose and will give long life. Whether you are retaining earth, water or other materials you can be confident that M&M’s timber is properly treated for long life, is sustainably sourced and offers a cost effective solution to your project.

Timber, being a natural product blends in with the surrounding environment and provides a durable natural retaining barrier. The material is easy to work with and offers the flexibility to meet a variety of landscaping design requirements.

M&M offer a complete bespoke maching service to meet your requirements.

M&M's Unilog Pro timbers are pressure treated in accordance with BS8417 using Tanalith E preservatives.

Unilog Pro Range:
  • WPAUnilog Pro Landscaping Timbers treated to BS8417.
  • Unilog Pro 15 - Landscaping timbers for commercial applications offered with a 15 year service life warranty
  • Unilog Pro 30 - Landscaping timbers for commercial applications offered with a 30 year service life warranty
  • Comprehensive range of sizes available
  • Ideal for Bollards